According to a report from marketing firm Fluent LLC, 67 percent of internet-using American watch content via a streaming service. Another report done by Cisco reported that by 2021, video will make up 82 percent of all traffic on the internet.

With these statistics in hand, Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom decided to launch Inner Dimension TV, an online streaming service platform, on April 12 to provide users with daily yoga and meditation classes from the comfort of their home.

The couple had previously created various video content programs that were packaged in multi-disk sets. However, with the recent incline of streaming service use, it seemed the next avenue for the duo was to move their productions to an online platform.

“This is the next wave of an evolution,” said Eliot. “Now that things have moved away from DVDs and hard copies, the digital platform has really opened up tremendous potential to reach people across the globe. This digital platform is the vehicle for Lauren and me to share the teachings we have learned so that everyone can live a life of health, purpose and meaning.”

While the first wave of practices, including a 28-day meditation series, will launch on the site on April 12, Eliot and Eckstrom are already working on additional content to add to the site each month.

Online media, especially yoga classes, can be intimidating to a studio owner. It can be easy to assume it will take your students away from your business, but Eckstrom was quick to advise it is an addition that will ultimately give your business an edge in this industry.

“If you own a brick and mortar studio, I understand it is probably scary to see the proliferation of online yoga,” said Eckstrom. “Take comfort in the fact nothing can replace community. Going in and adding online content will only enhance your community. People will appreciate having access to your studio and your teachers when they can’t come in person. If a studio owner is doing the work of cultivating community and connection between their teachers and students that’s irreplaceable, and any online content is only going to enhance that.”

But Eliot advised to not go adding video content just to say you have video content. Make sure your intentions are right and just, then any problem that may arise while creating the media can be handled with ease.

“Inevitably, when you do something on this scale, there’s a lot of challenges and obstacles that arise that are sometimes frustrating if we are real and honest,” said Eliot. “If your why or dharma is infinite and the intention is to spread these teachings to bring health and happiness to the planet, then there’s no obstacle or challenge that can get in the way of that.”