This month YogaFit Studios announced its plans of globally expanding after signing a master franchise agreement in Mexico with Fitwell. Fitwell is a “company that manages wellness franchise concepts,” including Orangetheory, 9Round and Bienesta. Current plans include opening eight studios by the end of 2017 and opening 70 studios in the next 10 years.

YogaFit Studios are part of the Lift Brands family of elevated wellness companies and describes themselves as the industry’s most innovative yoga concept. While YogaFit originally started as a training certification program 19 years ago, its partnership with Lift Brands three years ago led to the innovation of their “first-of-its-kind” yoga franchise, offering unlimited 24/7 access to both online and virtual on-demand classes in various locations.

“YogaFit Studios is the top choice for entrepreneurs looking to offer a high-quality experience to an exploding market,” said YogaFit media contact Blakely Everett.

“Signing a master franchise agreement is a big accomplishment. We always envisioned taking YogaFit Studios around the world and Mexico is a wonderful place to start. This franchise agreement with Fitwell shows that there’s a demand out there, which we intend to fill,” said Peter Taunton, Lift Brands founder and CEO, in the recent YogaFit press release.

YogaFit posted the news on its Facebook account following the press release, stating
“YogaFit is on the map and near your next Mexico vacation spot. Your membership gets you access to all YogaFit locations near and far,” and “We can’t wait to see studios popping up all over Mexico!”